Canada Part of Copenhagen Deal


In December Canada joined the Copenhagen deal on climate change, although very reluctantly. Many countries signed the deal, in itself a remarkable achievement, however none of it is actually legally binding.

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister Jim Prentice, pictured above, went on record saying Canada wants a “fair deal” for all parties involved, but due to the sad state we’ve let things slide into, it’s highly unlikely that a deal will exist any time soon that everyone involved will consider “fair”.

I applaud Mr. Harper for actually attending the climate conference, but in the end not a lot has been accomplished and it looks like it’s back to business as usual in Canada, at least for now.

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Steve holds a degree in Environmental Engineering Technology from Humber College in Toronto, is a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor. He currently lives in Victoria BC and works as a green building consultant specializing in residential projects.


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