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On-site Wastewater Treatment Technology - Part 1

On-site Wastewater Treatment Technology – Part 1

Recently I received a comment from a reader who was looking for information on on-site wastewater treatment systems available in Canada. The requirements were fairly specific; scalable from 4 to 40+ people, and able to treat domestic wastewater to re-use quality. Each criteria alone would have b

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Greenbuild 2011 - Part 3

Greenbuild 2011 – Part 3

Today is 1 month since I returned home from the Greenbuild 2011 expo. I've had time to reflect on some of the things I experienced and learned while there, investigate some of the companies and technologies I encountered, and begin to implement some of the energy and ideas from Greenbuild into m

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Greenbuild 2011 - Part 2

Greenbuild 2011 – Part 2

With hundreds of vendors, spread across multiple buildings, as well as dozens of lectures to choose from, Greenbuild 2011 was a big place. In the first part of this series about my experience at Greenbuild 2011, I looked at the trip as a whole; in this post I'm going to touch on some of my favor

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New process to remove carbon dioxide from the air

New process to remove carbon dioxide from the air

Most people are familiar with the concept of co2 scrubbers that capture carbon dioxide from smoke stacks of power plants and other industrial processes, now new research is being done on scrubbing carbon dioxide from ambient air, but how effective will it be? Christopher Jones at the Georgia In

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