How to Choose Eco Friendly Paint

Painting is not only one of the most common renovation or remodeling projects people do, it’s also one that can have the highest impact on the indoor air quality in your home. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to make your next paint job eco-friendly and healthy for your family.

Everyone recognizes that “new paint” smell; for many people it causes headaches, throat irritation, and other health effects. This is because conventional paint uses solvents to dry the paint which release chemicals known as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. Healthy paint uses less of these harmful chemicals, resulting in paint that is less toxic for the environment and your family.

There are many brands of low-VOC and non-VOC paint available today, available in just about any color you could imagine. These paints can be found at most good paint suppliers or home building centers, and some can even be ordered online if you can’t find them locally. Cost is comparable to conventional paint, but the environmental and health benefits make them a far better value.

Many big box stores label paint as eco-friendly or low-VOC, but it’s important to look at the MSDS information on the manufacturer’s website to see what’s actually eco-friendly and what’s just marketing greenwash. When it comes to harmful chemicals, less is definitely better, and none is best. Here are a few companies that offer non-VOC paints:

In order to complete your eco-friendly painting project, you’ll need supplies. Here are a few suppliers of environmentally friendly painting supplies, many of which can be found at your local home building center or paint store.

With the ability to match any shade of color from other paint brands, the comparable cost, and obvious health benefits, there are plenty of reasons to be eco-friendly with your next painting project!

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Steve holds a degree in Environmental Engineering Technology from Humber College in Toronto, is a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor. He currently lives in Victoria BC and works as a green building consultant specializing in residential projects.


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