Magnetic levitation wind turbines now available

In 2006, Mag Wind arrived on the home energy production scene with their roof mounted magnetic levitation residential wind turbine that had some remarkable features. Low cut in speed, high energy production, and virtually no noise. Now, after many delays, some redesign work and with a new company, Mag Wind technology is back, and they’re finally available to buy.

Now offered by Enviro-Energies, using patented magnetic levitation axial flux permanent magnet generator technology, the turbines have an incredibly low wind speed requirement of 1-2mph to start, and begin producing power at 4mph wind speed. The turbines continue to produce power up to a wind speed of 90mph, at which point an electromagnetic brake engages to prevent damage to the turbine hardware.

The wind turbines range in power from 2.5kw to 10kw, and all have sound outputs of less than 20dB; to put this in perspective, a telephone dial tone is roughly 80dB. Since one of the main complaints about wind turbines is the sound they produce, this is a huge advantage over other turbine designs.

Endorsed by well known eco-celebrities such as Ed Begley Jr. and Jay Leno, the MVAWT turbines are a very affordable and reliable home energy option when compared to other alternative energy technologies such as solar PV. The MVAWT 2.5 KW starts at $11, 495 as of this writing, with the highest output turbine, the MVAWT 10KW, starting at $41, 995.

You can read about Enviro Energies product line, or request additional information from one of their authorized dealers.

Enviro Energies Wind Turbines

UPDATE: A similar magnetic levitation wind turbine product is now available to purchase!

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