Tips for an Eco Commute

Tips for an Eco Commute

Your commute may not be your favourite part of the day, and, depending on how you travel, it may not be particularly green either. Of course, we can’t all go and splash out on brand new electric or hybrid cars, but there are ways to make your commute just a little more eco-friendly. Although it may not seem like a few changes will make much of a difference, if we all reduce our carbon footprints by a fraction, imagine how much difference it could make as a whole. If you’re interested in finding ways to make your commute a greener one, this guide from PassSmart has a few top tips to help you make the changes.

Car Share

It’s an obvious tip, but one of the most effective. Car sharing means you don’t have to tackle public transport at rush hour, you can split fuel costs, and you’ll produce significantly less CO2 emissions. Of course, it’s not always possible to share rides every day, especially if you travel to different places for work, but car sharing for just a few days out of the week can really make a difference.

On top of the financial and eco benefits, because you can take the driving in turns, you’ll also have the added bonus of not having to tackle the traffic every single morning.

Life on two wheels

If you’re really serious about becoming an eco-commuter, it might be time to invest in a brand new, shiny bike. In the UK, Barclays bank run an eco-friendly initiative dubbed the ‘Boris bikes’ which allows commuters to get from A to B the eco way. Simply go to a bike docking station, pay for your ride, and return it when you’re done!

Even without schemes like this, it’s possible to be a two-wheeled commuter, whether you live near the office or not. Consider driving half way and cycling the other half. Not only will you save money on fuel and reduce your carbon footprint, but you might even shed a few pounds too.

Have an eco-friendly breakfast

More and more of us are eating on the go, and even the food you eat can make a difference to how eco friendly you are on your commute. Instead of pre-packaged cereal bars or processed foods, try a healthy fruit salad or organic yoghurt. The less packaging the better, so anything natural is a good eco breakfast.

You should also try to avoid plastic bottles, so carry drinks in hard reusable containers and refill them as you go. Many coffee shops now offer to fill your own travel mug up as you go too, so, don’t worry, you can still get that much needed caffeine fix.

Take the train

As tempting as it is to jump in the car every morning, taking public transport is actually a much more eco-friendly option. If more people choose public transport, the number of cars on the road will obviously be significantly reduced, and, therefore, so will the harmful emissions. You might even find taking the train is cost effective, too, depending on how far you travel and how fuel efficient your engine is.

This is a guest post by Isabelle Guarella. Isabelle is a blogger for; the UK-based site matching learner drivers with driving instructors in their area.

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