Topical gel successfully treats skin cancer

Repeated sunburns can lead to skin cancer, but there is hope.

Australian company Peplin has developed a topical gel based on a common garden plant that is able to successfully clear up basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer, in only 2 days. I currently have a nasty sunburn from this past weekend, which is rare for me, but every time I get burned I’m always concerned about the future possibility of skin cancer. The development of this gel is very exciting, because BCCs are normally treated by being surgically removed, and with a hole still existing in the ozone layer, cases of skin cancer are unlikely to be dropping any time soon.The gel was developed in response to a 2002 trial where sap from the common plant “petty spurge” was rubbed on patient’s cancers with some success. Peplin has since managed to isolate the specific molecule in the plant responsible for the medical benefits, and has developed their PEP005 Topical Gel product based on this research. A study involving 60 people from around Australia was a success, resulting in a reduction of the cancer by an average of 71% within 2 days.

Peplin is currently in 2nd stage clinical trials of the gel, and is also developing related products to treat other forms of cancer including leukemia and bladder cancer.

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